Expo and Conventions Reseller Program

Showcase your products at a larger view with greater scope.

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Reseller Program


What is this program?

Under this program you can have your own logo and domain to provide virtual expo and online shop. Small businesses can connect to the Expo customers through online store and generate continuous business.


What is virtual Expo?

It’s another format for physical expo where the small business owners can display their product on virtual platform and also advertise in specific city , or send promotional messages through WhatsApp, email or news paper and generate coupon code to attract customers.


Can I create virtual expo?

You can create virtual expo for 7 days nation wide and give discount on each product which can be sold using expo banner and yearly promotion.


As Organizer what is my benefit?

Due to the Pandemic, no expo was conducted leading to revenue loss. Through Virtual Expo program, small business can be charged fixed amount either monthly or annually or revenue share. Shops can sell under online expo banner.Store Management Software will manage online payment.


What are options available for my shop to collect payment?

We support Stripe, PayPal, Google pay, paytm, Sodexo etc.


Is there any upfront fee for the setup?

There is no setup fee involved. If you need service to upload the product and data, there will be additional charge which can be discussed during contract signing.


How much will it cost for me?

The cost will be determined depending on the number of stores added.


How many store and products can be added per store?



Can I have website and portal for management?

You will get website and portal admin to manage the store.

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