White labeled Reseller Program

Program that helps the resellers boost there bussiness

Question on White-Labeled

Reseller Program


What is white-label program

You can start your own online business portal with your logo, domain, sub domain, own terms and condition and pricing.


Do I need to pay for the white-label program?

There is no payment required. You just need to register which will be validated and you can start selling in the online store free of cost.


How do you get paid, what is the catch ?

We get paid based on revenue share. Every time you sell online store, we get small percentage.


Can I avoid the percentage sharing ?

As of now that option is not available. But can be discussed in the future keeping in my mind the best interest of the customer


Are they any charges or hidden fee ?

There is no hidden fee or charges except the PayPal fee or credit card transaction charges


How many stores I can add ?

There is no limit for adding the stores


Probizca LLC

Very good service, easy use program, no coding required